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What work study is and isn't



For those who don’t know, work study is a federally funded program that requires a student to demonstrate certain financial need in order to apply. After the application process, eligible students can hold a job that is on campus or offered through the school, but most likely will be limited to minimum wage with little or no chance of promotion.

Work study is indeed a competitive program, but is not an option for all students. For students who would like to work on campus but do not qualify for work study, there’s another alternative.

Most local colleges and universities offer jobs to students on campus or through the school without those students needing to qualify for a work study program.

In fact, for those students, holding a job on campus is still encouraged by local colleges.  Both options offer great opportunities for students to complete their college campus experience.

“Anytime that we can employ a student on campus, we believe it connects a student further to the life at Armstrong. So, either position will fulfill that particular avenue for the students,” says Leeann Kirkland with Armstrong Atlantic State University.

“The difference for the departments where jobs are held, quite frankly, is that it is more financially effective for them to employ federal work study students because they’re not having to pay using their departmental budget,” she says.

So, it may be more difficult for students to gain employment through the departments themselves rather than through work study because of the differences in money allotment, but it is still a possibility worth pursuing.

Positions for work study must be applied for every year and are not guaranteed from year to year for the same students if their financial need has decreased from the previous year. 

Jobs held independently from work study do not require an application at the school, but must be pursued like any other job, by turning in a resume and going through interviews.

Gaining a job in that manner does not have to be reapplied for, and the job may be held until the department budget runs out or until there is a reason the student should be fired, like any other job.

Contact a college or university’s financial services departments for more information.



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