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The Casket Girls @Graveface



Of all the non-linear musical artists who record for Ryan Graveface’s Savannah-based, internationally-known record label, the Casket Girls have received the lion’s share of the attention in the last year. And it’s not just because Phaedra and Elsa Greene’s shtick is to sing like cadavers or, at the very least, sleepwalkers (it is) or because their flowing blond tresses, dark glasses and zombie-like demeanor are inconsistent with their choir-girl electronic pop.

What makes the Casket Girls Graveface Records’ standout act is the unimpeachable fact that all this stuff is just the icing on the cake; the music made by these freaky girls (and puppetmaster Graveface himself, who’s the third spoke in the wheel) is cool and catchy. The relatively recent sophomore album True Love Killed the Fairy Tale—a full collaboration between the three—is brilliant overdubbed synth-pop, albeit with a macabre, another-worldly vibe.

“I’ve never worked with anyone, ever, who can turn the dumbest-sounding songs into pop songs with choice words and awesome vocals,” Graveface told Connect in March. “It’s been pretty inspiring, actually, and has helped my songwriting in the other projects that I’m in.”

This Savannah date is the opening show of a three-week cross-country tour for the trio.


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