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• A woman walking her dog at Wahlburg and Barnard streets observed a man trying to break into her car with a crow bar. She told him, “Dude, you better run.” The man brandished the crow bar and said, “Bring it on,” but the woman’s dog growled and he dropped the crow bar and ran. The woman flagged down a police officer. While she was talking to him, she observed the man come out of a lane and said, “That’s him.” The officer called for backup. When the suspect saw the officers arrive, he hesitated and was placed into custody.

• A West Congress Street bar owner told police that a man wearing a pink shirt came in his bar and was being disorderly with the employees. He said he had had the man removed from the premises earlier in the evening, and the man had returned. The officers caught up with the man. who was visibly intoxicated. He was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

• A Nero Court resident told police that a man had come to her apartment and attempted to gain entry to talk to her. He became angry when she refused to let him in and began banging on a bedroom window. When she asked the man to leave, he broke the glass, then fled before police arrived. Two children were present and the window was above the bed of one of them.

• An officer on routine patrol at East Broad and Anderson streets observed a suspicious man who appeared intoxicated in a known drug area at 2 a.m. The man said he had a marijuana pipe with marijuana in it, and more marijuana at home. He gave the officer the pipe and was arrested.


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