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99149;ÊPolice were called to a convenience store on Abercorn Street in response to a report of a disorderly person. The clerk said a woman came in the store and demanded that "the clerk exchange dollar bills for the change that she had." The clerk said "the woman begs for change outside the store and she just wanted her to leave the premises." When she told the woman to leave the store, the woman "became upset and knocked a canister and a beef stick container to the floor." The canister broke into pieces. The suspect could not be located.

99149;ÊA man and a woman were arrested after officers learned they were sleeping in Forsyth Park. The man was apparently under the influence of narcotics. The man said he had obtained some pills but did not identify what they were. The woman was attempting to wake the man when officers arrived. She said the

pills were hers and that she had a prescription for them. She said she had given them to a third person to hold for her and that she had no idea how the man obtained some of the pills. The man said he bartered for the pills, but would not say who he got them from. Both were arrested and taken to jail. The pills were logged into the police property room as evidence.

99149;ÊPolice were called to a report of a domestic dispute between an elderly couple. The man had just been released from the hospital and claimed his wife had hidden his prescription. The wife said her husband suffered a mental lapse and that she had never touched the prescription. Both were still arguing when officers arrived. A live-in friend of the family arrived and located the prescription. Both parties calmed down and went to separate bedrooms.


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