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Police responded to a call at a local hotel in reference to a theft committed by an employee who was in custody. An officer spoke with the hotel manager, who said a hotel guest walked into her room to find a hotel employee with her purse in his hand. The guest asked the man for his name, and he gave it to her. When the officer spoke to the guest, she said she and her fiance had gone downstairs to check on some packages and she came back upstairs to the room because she had forgotten something. She said she opened the door and the employee immediately put the purse down on the TV stand.

Some receipts fell out of the purse and onto the ground. She asked the man what he was doing, and he said, “Checking on things.” She asked his name as he tried to get past her out the door, and he gave her his first name. She confirmed this by seeing his name tag on his shirt and followed him out of the room and down the hall to the balcony area, where she told him to wait as she called for help.

The suspect continued on to the other side of the hall, past the elevators and around the corner, out of sight. The woman told other employees in the lobby area what had happened. When the woman went back and checked her purse, she was missing $150 from a bank envelope, five $20 bills and one $50 bill. She said she had left a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door so no one would come in the room while she was gone. The officer spoke with the suspect, who identified himself. The officer asked the man if he had any cash on him, and the suspect produced a large quantity of cash, which he counted out, revealing $198.

The denominations were eight $20 bills, six $5 bills and eight $1 bills.  The officer asked the suspect where he had been, and he replied that he was in the hotel cafeteria. When asked if he had been in any rooms, the suspect replied that he hadn’t. He then said he went in rooms left open by the cleaning crew so he could get linens. The officer asked if he did or did not go into rooms, and the suspect said he did go into rooms, but not guests’ rooms. His story continually changed as to whether or not he went into rooms and if he did, which rooms he went into. The suspect was placed under arrest. The $198 found on  him was logged into evidence.


• A man was digging for the main power line at Dean Forest Road and Southbridge to connect on to. He said he was digging beyond the markings which were there to indicate where the power line would be located. During one of the up motions of the bucket, the power line was broken and the man decided it would be safer if he jumped from the equipment. During the jump down, he injured his knee and was transported to a local  hospital. An electric company representative was given a case report number card.


• Police were called to an East Park Avenue address in reference to a disorderly person. On arrival, the officer met with a woman who said her boyfriend had pushed her down in the front yard. She was wearing clean white shorts and white socks with no signs of dirt from being pushed to the ground as she described. The woman showed the officer dirt on her hands that she said came from being pushed to the ground. She said her boyfriend went to his grandmother’s house after their fight.

The officers located the boyfriend and asked him about the incident. He told them there had been a verbal argument over “Pampers for the baby,” and that his girlfriend had threatened to call the police. At that point, the boyfriend left. He told the officers, “Me and her have a history of this and the other police told me to leave whenever we started fighting.”


• A Joel Court resident told police that her boyfriend had punched her in the face. An officer found the man walking on Titus Court in Hitch Village and interviewed him. He said his girlfriend was talking to her baby’s father on the phone and that upset him. He said he got up and told her it was over, that he was leaving because she was no good. The man said his girlfriend started hugging him and asking him to forgive her and said she would never talk to her baby’s father again. The man said he didn’t understand why his girlfriend had called the police. She said she had asked him to forgive her, but that he was so upset he pushed her and punched her in the face. The woman said she ran out of the house to call police. The officer noticed an open laceration above her left eyebrow, but she refused medical treatment. The man was placed under arrest and charged with battery. ƒç






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