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A woman called police after she noticed that someone had broken the lock on the telephone box at the side of her house. Inside, she found a seven-foot phone line that was hooked inside the box. The other end was on the ground near the side door. The woman advised that she had called the telephone company and was told to call police. She said she didn’t know how long it had been since the box was broken into, but said she was having problems with her boyfriend, who had started arguments, refused to go to work, stayed out late, harassed her family members and broke into her house.The woman said she’s already changed the locks on her doors because of her boyfriend’s strange hours and the different strangers he would bring around her house. She said he had told her he would leave because of the problems and because he felt that she was seeing someone else.



• An officer was southbound on Skidaway Road when  he saw a man pulling a shopping cart with auto transmissions in it. The suspect was carrying one transmission ins his hand, and he was wearing a backpack. The officer went around the block and called for backup. The officer then stopped the suspect as he was walking south on Ohio Street. The officer could see a black handle sticking out of the backpack. He told the suspect to put the items on the ground. The man placed the transmission that he was carrying down on the ground, but didn’t want to remove his backpack. The suspect began to walk away and the officer again told him to put the backpack on the ground. The man dropped the pack and began running west. The man crossed Skidaway Road and ran behind some houses. The officer caught up with him behind one of the houses and the suspect was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car. EMS was called because the suspect said he was having trouble breathing. The man was checked out and released by EMS. Detectives were called to investigate, and the man was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center. The four transmissions in the shopping cart and the one on the ground were returned to the owner of the auto repair shop the suspect had stolen them from. The backpack contained an 18-inch bolt cutter the suspect had used to cut the fence around the auto repair shop. Both the bolt cutter and backpack were logged into the property room as evidence.



• An officer traveling east on Liberty Street observed a vehicle pull up and pass the stop bar on Drayton Street as if was going to turn left. The vehicle stopped. As the officer began to pass Drayton, the vehicle made a left turn, so the officer stopped and backed up. The vehicle was in the right lane on Drayton, passing Perry Lane. The officer observed the vehicle’s right blinker come on as he approached. The vehicle started to turn right onto McDonough Street, so he activated his emergency equipment and the vehicle turned into the parking lot on the right. When the officer advised the driver she had run a red light, she said, “Did I? I thought I could go through the middle and go through.” The officer asked her if she saw the red light and she said, “No, I didn’t, actually. I’m sorry.” The driver started looking for her license and handed it and her registration to the officer. She was asked for her insurance and she said, “Car insurance?”  While speaking with the woman, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Another officer drove up and was asked to stand by. The woman was asked to step out of the vehicle. She was advised that she had an odor of alcohol about her person and was asked how much she’d had to drink. She replied,” Actually, I only had two beers.” She was then asked the last time she had something to drink. She said, “Actually, I just had a sip, just a little bit. That’s probably why.” When asked what she was drinking, the woman said, “I was drinking Guiness. It was actually in like a glass, a 16 ounce,” and used her hands to show a measurement. The woman told the officer she lives in North Carolina, and the officer pointed out that her license shows a local address. She was asked to submit to a preliminary breath test and agreed. She was arrested for driving under the influence. 

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