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Someone called police anonymously and said a bomb would explode at a local abortion clinic. Officers went to the scene and asked protesters in front of the  building to clear the area. An off-duty police officer working at the clinic was informed about the bomb threat, as was the staff of the clinic. All staff and clientele were asked to leave the premises. A section of East 34th Street was closed to traffic by police. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was dispatched to the scene, which was checked and cleaned. Everyone was allowed to return. A second bomb threat against the facility came in later that same day. EOD advised they would not respond, but said to place the location under extra patrol.


• While patrolling River Street, an officer saw a man sitting on a bench with a bunch of handmade roses. The officer assumed the roses belonged to the man, so he asked him for his license. The man said they were not his roses. At that time, the man who was making the roses arrived with a plate of food. The officer started to talk to him and told him he should not leave his working area the way he did. There were palm strings all over the ground, a large amount of paper cups, trash around the bench and a plastic bag with clothes. The man was told he was littering, and suddenly became violent. He started to yell, “This is a bunch of bulls--t. You are full of s--t!” The officer asked the man to calm down, to which he responded, “I have a good lawyer, don’t give me this s--t.” The officer then asked him to place his hands behind his back, at which the man started to scream at him. The man said he had been told he could do anything he wanted so long as he had a peddling permit. He told the officer, “(Someone) said you already lost your stripes because of your attitude, now you are going to lose your job. I’ll f--king make sure of it.” He was placed under arrest and charged with littering and disorderly conduct. He was then transported to the Chatham County Detention Center.


• A fight broke out between a woman and her boyfriend after she told him she wanted to break up with him. At the time, they were outside a Wilder Drive residence, pouring water into a car radiator using plastic antifreeze bottles. Upon hearing that the woman wanted to break up with him, the man hit her in the face with an empty antifreeze bottle. The couple then went inside. While in the living room, the man used his hands to choke the woman, leaving an abrasion on the right side of her neck. They then went back outside, where the man punched the woman in the face with a closed fist. The woman said she was going to call the police and ran to another address to use the phone there. While she was calling 911, the man fled the area. A witness told police she saw the man hitting the woman with the antifreeze bottle, but did not see the rest of the fight.


• Police were called to a gymnasium on Brewer Street  in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the victim, who said she was standing outside when an unknown man walked up to her. She said the man told her, “Bitch, I know that you know me. You are a stupid bitch!” The victim said she told the suspect that she had never met him before. He then brandished what appeared to be a silver pistol. The man then told her, “I’m sure. I would like to pop your little ass with this.” The victim said the whole time, the suspect never pulled the pistol out all the way or pointed it at her. He said he was going to call his sister to “take care” of her. While she was talking to the man, the victim noticed a woman approaching. The woman said, “Bitch, you wanted to see me?” at the same time the man brandished a box cutter and threatened to cut the victim with it.  The victim said she was in fear for her life so she ran away from the scene. She then called 911. Neighbors in the area gave police an address where the suspects might have been staying and said they saw them run into that house. An officer spoke with a resident of the house, but did not find the suspects. ƒç


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