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Two people were arrested recently and charged with filing false police reports in separate incidents. In the first incident, Garcia Hernandez Neveo, 25, reported that he had been robbed three times near the English Oaks apartments over the past month. When Neveo reported the third alleged robbery, he told police how disappointed he was that they were never able to help him, and took his story to the media. Neveo was intoxicated when he made the third report and was unable to keep his story straight. He was questioned  by officers of the Southside Precinct LOOP (Latino Officers Outreach Program) and when his story began to fall apart, he told them the previous robbery reports were false. He was charged with filing a false report of a crime, obstruction by giving false information and public intoxication, and taken to jail. In the second case, Ronique Everett, 20, of Richmond Hill told police she was abducted three weeks ago from the Target store and robbed at gunpoint. An investigation into the report revealed that Everett was never abducted or robbed at gunpoint, but was instead the victim of a flim-flam scam, in which victims are lured into believing they will get something for nothing. She also was arrested and taken to jail.


• A woman told police that she and her boyfriend began arguing, which resulted in his damaging her cell phone. The complainant said she and her boyfriend were arguing about their relationship outside a fast-food chicken restaurant on Abercorn Street. They continued to argue out into the street. The suspect took the woman’s cell phone, which she dropped during the argument. The woman said she attempted to retrieve the phone, and in the process, unknowingly cut her finger. She said she tried to exchange some property for the phone, but the suspect broke it anyway. The woman said she did not want to press charges. She was given a case report number card.


• Police responded to a historic cemetery in reference to a domestic situation.Upon arrival, a woman told them she was at work when her live-in boyfriend showed up. She said he began arguing with her about a cell phone bill, then punched her on the side of her mouth while he was sitting in  his truck. The woman said she tried to back away from the man. He got out of the truck and grabbed her shirt and slapped her in the face. Again, the woman pulled away and he grabbed a pencil and held it as if he was going to stab her with it. The woman said she jumped into her work truck and drove to the office. The man followed her and told her, “When you get home, I’m gonna f--k you up.” He left, The woman told police the incident may have been taped because the cemetery has video surveillance.


• A Camelia Court resident told police she has been receiving threatening phone calls. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the complainant, who said earlier in the evening, a woman called her and told her that if the complainant called the suspect’s boyfriend, who is the complainant’s ex-husband, she would “kick her ass.” The woman said the suspect also drove by her house. The complainant was given a case report number card and warrant procedures were explained to her. She advised the officer she had a previous case report number card from another incident that had occurred earlier. ƒç


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