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A 14-year-old boy was arrested after being charged with numerous traffic violations, including two counts of leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving. The boy was arrested after he drove a car east on 41st Street and ran a stop sign at the intersection of Harmon and 41st streets. His car crashed into a second car, then struck a woman standing at the corner of the intersection. The suspect then got out of the car and fled the scene. A police officer who was patrolling the area arrived within seconds and called for paramedics. A resident of the area is credited with capturing the boy. He chased the suspect and cornered him behind a church at the corner of Waters Avenue and Victory Drive, then held him there until officers could arrest him.The suspect was taken to the hospital as a precaution before he was taken to the youth detention center. The passenger of the other car was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The pedestrian was slightly injured and refused medical treatment.


  An officer responded to an Abercorn Street apartment building on report of a person with a knife. When the officer arrived on the scene, a man said that his neighbor, who lived a few doors down, was outside his door yelling and being disorderly. He said his neighbor was very intoxicated. The man said he confronted the neighbor and was going to ask him to please settle down, but noticed that the neighbor was carrying a knife in his right hand. He said the neighbor told him, “Get the f*** on before I cut you.” Although he couldn’t see the handle of the knife, the man estimated that the blade was about 6 inches long. He said  he was advised by the downstairs doorman to call the police. The officer contacted the neighbor and asked him what was going on between him and the other man. He replied that nothing was going on, but he was very intoxicated and not cooperating with the officer. While speaking with the neighbor, the officer noticed a steak knife on the floor. The neighbor refused to give his name or date of birth, but the officer obtained the information from other occupants of his apartment.


  A West 39th Street resident told police he was asleep in his bedroom when he awoke to see a shadow of a person on his window, which was covered by blinds that were closed. He said he opened the blinds and saw his neighbor on an adjacent roof, looking into his window. He says he knocked on the wall and said, “I caught you.” The officer went upstairs to talk to the neighbor and his girlfriend. The neighbor said the man had been threatening their lives and told him he was “going to kill him and take his girlfriend.” The neighbor said he was not on roof and was not looking at the man’s window. The girlfriend said he had been in his room all night. She said they were afraid the man would hurt them.


  An officer was following a truck east on U.S. 80 when it began speeding. The officer initiated a traffic stop at U.S. 80 and Twelve Oaks. He approached the driver and asked him if he knew why he had been pulled over. The man replied that he was glad he had been pulled over. He told the officer, “I’m bipolar. I was on my way to the house to do something to my wife and myself that I was going to regret later.” He said he and his wife were getting a divorce and that he was on his way to get his things when he was pulled over. He said, “I’m sure glad you stopped me from doing that, officer. God must have sent you to stop me.” The officer asked how he could help. The man responded, “You can’t.” The officer then asked if he could get the man medical treatment, and the man responded he had just gotten out of a treatment center. The man then called his wife. The officer spoke with her, and told her her husband would be taken to a hospital for treatment. The man had left two pocket knives and a key chain knife in the truck. The wife said he is an avid knife collector, but has no firearms that she is aware of. She said he had spoken of suicide, but never indicated he would hurt or kill her.  ƒç


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