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Taft, Valore & Cunabear, Goldie, Drinking Bleach @The Space Station at Starlandia Supply



AUSTIN, Texas’s Taft (not to be confused with Savannah’s own Taft) comes to town with a unique blend of electro-pop and ethereal folk. A versatile artist, Taft is just as comfortable crafting spare vintage-pop ballads with entrancing vocals and gentle fingerpicking on songs like "Wheel" as he is throwing down thick beats and contagious hooks for electro dance bangers like "I Button Up My Shirt."

The unusual mix of textures and vocal stylings creates a genre that’s the bizarre lovechild of Harry Nilsson and David Byrne bathed in sunshine.

Local hip-hop trailblazers Valore and Cunabear bring their separate acts together for a shared set.

Drinking Bleach, the solo project of Generation Pill’s James Lee, joins the bill, along with Goldie, a new endeavor from musician-about-town James Chapman and friends.

Thursday, February 16, 8 p.m., all-ages


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