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Stopover in the Yard with Thomas Wynn & the Believers @The Grey

Gritty, thrilling stuff that laces classic rock with R&B



TIME for another Stopover in the Yard! So if you missed the first installment in this new collaboration from our buds at Savannah Stopover Music Festival and MLK’s new prize culinary gem, The Grey, the concept basically goes: shell out $21, and you get a delicious plate of food (grilled meat, seafood, veggies), choice of wine, beer, or Chatham Artillery Punch, and a show out back in The Grey’s outdoor patio area.

A six-piece sibling-led band hailing from Orlando, Thomas Wynn & the Believers take

Wynn sounds like John Fogerty fronting a soul band—it’s gritty, thrilling stuff that laces classic rock with R&B. You’re certainly not going to be able to sit still for it, so put on your comfiest shoes, don’t TOTALLY gorge yourself on the scrumptious luncheon before you, and get ready to cut the rug, er, yard.


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