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Sins of Godless Men, Room Full of Strangers, Kennedy Curse, The Landmines, Spray Tan @The Guild Hall


Room Full of Strangers
  • Room Full of Strangers

COASTAL ROCK PRODUCTIONS has assembled a mega-bill of diverse regional rock for all ages down at The Guild Hall. Room Full of Strangers blends psych-rock vibes with beefed-out, fuzzy basslines, sing-along-worthy gang vocals, and catchy garage-pop thrills. If an intersection of Jacuzzi Boys, Mac DeMarco weirdo-pop, and Arctic Monkeys sounds like your style, then the Strangers are for you.

Atlanta’s The Landmines ring out like a war-cry, declaring “We’re here to destroy!” amid riffs inspired by classic rock’s finest battle epics (their album’s called Landmines Cometh, if that tips you off). They say they’re more of a militia rather than a band, promising to leave nothing but scorched earth behind on tour.

Spray Tan emerged from Atlanta’s metal scene to echo back to 80s skatecore and super-catchy punk.

Sins of Godless Men throw down inventive heavy jams in the vein of At the Drive-In and Bear vs. Shark. A hell of a live band, they, along with young emocore trio Kennedy Curse, represent Savannah on the bill.

Of extremely worthy note, Coastal Rock’s trying something new this time: instead of a flat cover, attendees have the option to shell out a mere $3 donation and get pizza (Papa John’s, if you’re wondering) and soda in return.

Read: that’s five bands and supper for under $5.

Of course (and this applies to any show), if you can throw down more for a touring band to get some gas in the van, you certainly should.


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