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Sauna Heat, Unstoppable Death Machines, Crazy Bag Lady @ The Jinx



The loudest and fun-nest of Savannah’s many garage punk bands, Sauna Heat is playing this show as a release party for a new cassette EP called Revenge. As always, Michael Younker is on guitar and vox, with Mariel Zayas-Bazan beating the hell out of the skins. And Hunter Jayne, who also plays guitar in Triathalon, is handling bass.

Younker says the band cut a simple EP for a reason. “We wanted to release a highly-concentrated body of work,” he tells us, “no bullshit, no filler songs, just scorchers and groovers. And as is true with most of our songs, they are about drugs, church and women, ha.”

Unstoppable Death Machines consists of Brooklyn bothers Mike and Billy Tucci, on guitar and drums, making sonic walls of music that meld dance pop with the aggressiveness and power of punk and noise rock.

Meanwhile, CrayBags have just come off a killer end-of-June show with the dynamic Dangermuffin at Hang Fire; the boys from Effingham continue to work on songs for their debut full-length.


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