New Covenant Preschool

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6 a.m.–6 p.m.

We seek to provide a spiritual foundation that instills in children the knowledge that they are indeed special creations that were crafted and molded in the image of God, coupled with a quality academic program that nurtures all developmental domains. The New Covenant Preschool works to create an atmosphere that fosters and encourages positive family and community relationships through active participation and open communication practices. Educational Philosophy The New Covenant Preschool provides a structured educational program for young children. Our philosophy is to instill a sense of confidence and self worth in all students by offering exposure to various teaching practices, and meaningful activities and experiences that build discovery and exploration. This includes instilling a love of learning while focusing on developing the “whole” child, also considering each child’s physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development. This philosophy is based on the scripture passage in Luke 2:52: “And Jesus increased in wisdom (mental) and in stature (physical) and in favor (emotional) with God (spiritual) and man (social)

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