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Dear Erin: Are Ghosts Real?

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Are ghosts real?


(age 6)

Hi Ravi,

Thanks for being part of the Ghost Dog Diaries inaugural column!

I'm excited to tell you that ghosts are real. But when I talk about ghosts, I don't mean those scary faces that suddenly scream at you when you're in minding your own business, watching a YouTube video. I'm talking about people who once were alive like you and me, but no longer have physical bodies.

Einstein proved that everything is energy. Energy can be divided into two kinds: finite energy (energy that is limited) and infinite energy (energy that's unlimited). Everything that makes up our bodies (our skin...our hair...this booger in my nose...yikes!) is made up of finite energy.

So when we die, all it means is that our bodies are limited and we don't use them anymore. But our souls, our spirits—the thing inside that makes you Ravi and me Erin—are made up of infinite energy that lives on and on, even after our bodies go away.

Quantum Physicists are looking at the possibility that when we die, our infinite energy just crosses into another dimension. So when my little dog PJ passed away and three days later I was able to see her energy on the infrared cameras at The Old Sorrel-Weed House, it wasn't so much that I was seeing a ghost... but a visitor from another dimension. How cool is that?!

(It still doesn't explain how she managed to write my name in the beer, but that's another story...)

Thank you for your question, Ravi, and thanks to everyone who's reading this answer with an open mind and heart.

I love y'all. Mwah!

Your pal, Erin

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