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Man or Repo Man?


A man called police for help after he saw a Cadillac he believed was being stolen in the area of Ogeechee Road. The officer who responded saw the man in his car, following the Cadillac.

However, dispatch informed the officer that the Cadillac actually was being repossessed.

The officer stopped the man on Chatham Parkway, and the man said he first encountered the Cadillac on Ogeechee Road at I-516 and the second time at Ogeechee Road at Chatham Parkway. He told the officer he bumped the Cadillac twice with his own vehicle in an attempt to stop the “theft.”

The man said wasn’t aware the Cadillac was being repossessed. He said after the incident, he returned home and turned the vehicle over to his mother.

The Cadillac didn’t stop when police arrived, and continued down Chatham Parkway. The officer later contacted the man who was driving the Cadillac. He said he wasn’t aware police were behind him when they stopped the other driver.

The rear bumper of the Cadillac has some paint transfer marks on it, and its driver complained of neck pain. EMS was called to treat him.


• A man walked outside and saw a man sitting in the front passenger seat of his mother’s car.

He asked the suspect what he was doing in the car, and the suspect replied, “This is all I have,” showing the man a handful of papers out of the glove compartment. The man began to walk toward the suspect, who got out of the car and began backing away.

At that point, the man pushed the suspect to the ground and held him down with his brother’s help until police arrived. The suspect was searched and inside his right front pocket were a flat-tip screw driver and a digital camera, and in his backpack were 25 CDs.


• A teacher arrived at school and locked his car, then put his keys inside his jacket pocket. Later, he grabbed his jacket to get his keys, but they were gone. He walked out to his vehicle to check for his keys, and found the doors unlocked.

At this point, he went back to his classroom to look around for the keys, but didn’t find them. When he returned to the parking lot a second time, his vehicle was gone. A lookout for the car was posted.


• A restaurant manager called police after a customer paid for food with a $100 counterfeit bill.

The man’s ex-girlfriend said her ex-boyfriend paid for a birthday party at the restaurant and provided his name and cell phone number. She then called the suspect and advised him of the problem.

The suspect returned and spoke with an officer, and said he had cashed his check at a local bank and had the paperwork to prove it. The phony bill was taken and logged into the property room. The suspect was advised that a forgery detective would contact him about the case. He returned to the restaurant and paid the bill in full.


• A car was seen traveling at a high rate of speed on West Boundary Street between West Bryan and Zubly. The driving was weaving south down the roadway to avoid parked cars. Numerous children were playing in the area and at a nearby playground.

The driver turned onto Zubly Street abruptly and parked at a Yamacraw residence. A man exited the driver’s side, holding a beer bottle from which he had taken a drink.

He then walked up to a woman, handed her the beer and said something, then ran around behind the building. There was no key in the ignition of his car.

The woman told police that she didn’t know the man and that she doesn’t live in Yamacraw. She left the area abruptly before police could obtain further information from her.

The vehicle’s tag was run. A second tag was found hidden in the driver’s rear seat pouch and it came back saying both tags were owned by the same person, a woman .

While the officers were investigating, a second man approached and said he wanted to get his car. He said his car was stolen and that he had left the car running to warm it  up.

He said he was visiting a woman he knows only as “Coco” and didn’t see anyone get into the vehicle. He hadn’t reported the vehicle as stolen because he was waiting 24 hours. The car that police were originally investigating was towed from the scene. ƒç



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