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Blackfoot Gypsies @Congress Street Social Club



Nashville’s Matthew Page (guitars) and Zach Murphy (drums) recorded and overdubbed the first Blackfoot Gypsies album (2012’s On the Loose) as a two-piece; they staked their spot in the increasingly overground Nashville Underground as a raw-boned live duo, but these days are a full-fledged quartet with Ollie Dogg on blues hap, and bassist Dylan Whitlow. They’re all about DIY—On the Loose was recorded to 2-inch tape and then went straight to hot wax laquers (“It never once touched a computer in the recording process” say the guys). Matthew and Zach took turns hand-drawing covers for every single vinyl copy.

All right, Bill, but what’s the band sound like? To my ears, it’s garage-y, very early ‘70s Stones-like (see the Black Cadillacs, from last week) with some pretty obvious country and Creedence/white blues influences. Live, they’re inspired and intense (watch the video).


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