Best Pet Grooming Shop

The Savannah Groom Room


Pets aren’t too different from their humans, as it turns out. They need haircuts and manicures just like we do. And getting pampered is always a nice treat for any species.

The Savannah Groom Room knows that very well. Since 2015, they’ve been giving pets the royal treatment, just like their humans get.

Baths at the Groom Room all come with a blueberry facial, which of course is a welcome treat. There are two options of grooms—full and mini—and [something else]

The Groom Room also offers some add-ons, like the Itchy Pup, the Skin Remedy, and Dental Care to cater to each pet’s specific needs.

Each pet is given the individual attention they deserve from the moment they come in. Before the appointment, a grooming consultation helps the groomers get to know you, your pet, and both your needs in the process. That consultation ensures the best possible service is given. – Rachael Flora

Runner-up: Woof Gang Bakery

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