Best Local Radio Station

GPB Savannah

This is actually a HUGE win for your local Public Radio affiliate. They won last year for “Best Talk Radio Station,” but this is whole ‘nother level of coolness, the Big Enchilada of Audio.

While a certain amount of controversy came about when longtime staffers at FM 91.1 were let go a couple of years back, the reimagining of the station as a more current, news-driven organization more in line with large metro-area public radio has clearly paid big dividends, at least with our readers.

With a staff of three full-time journalists working out of the local office—that’s a pretty big staff by modern standards, by the way—GPB Savannah is now a media player every bit on par with other news orgs in town, like the daily paper, the TV stations, and us as well. — Jim Morekis

Runner-up: WRHQ 105.3 FM

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