How to see shows in Savannah when you're not 21

How to see shows in Savannah when you're not 21

Here in the birthplace of Big Boi and Baroness, there are many opportunities

  • The ins & outs of the local art & culture scene

    A handy resource is the ART MAP SAV. Produced by the Arts Resource Collective of Savannah, it’s a comprehensive guide to the galleries and studios in the area.

  • Want more A's? Get more Zzz's!

    Brighter Day sponsors free lecture on natural ways to improve sleep on Sept. 26

  • Aquaponics at Armstrong

    Students research the future of sustainable farming

  • Smoke Cartel’s on fire

    Launched with $600 in 2013 from Sean's living room, the company now employs several dozen people locally

  • Real talk on your first year of school

    While you're in college there are going to be some parties that you will always remember for the rest of your life, just make sure they're unforgettable for the right reasons and not just out of regret.