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2 Fast, 2 Drunk


OFFICERS IN AN unmarked vehicle observed a car that drove past them at a very high rate of speed at East 36th and Drayton streets.

The car was weaving in and out of traffic. The officers followed the vehicle until it came to an abrupt halt at a red light, traveling at 60 miles per hour just to keep up with the car. As the light changed to green, the car took off at a high rate of speed and performed a “laying drag” while traveling north on Drayton Street.

The officer continued following, and called for a marked unit to initiate a traffic stop. The car then made a turn on 36th Street in front of a residence, and came to an abrupt halt before a marked unit could conduct a traffic stop. The driver then exited the car.

One of the officers grabbed his police badge and made contact with the driver, immediately identifying himself as a police officer. A strong odor of alcohol was coming from the man. A marked unit arrived, and the driver was submitted to a breath test. He blew a reading of 0.20. The man was read the Georgia Implied Consent Law and then consented to another breath test. Because of the result of this test, he was placed in handcuffs and taken to Precinct 3. He was charged with driving under the influence, driving too fast for conditions, driving while unlicensed, and laying drag.

• A fast-food restaurant on East Montgomery Cross Road was robbed by two armed men, and the incident was caught on tape.

An officer was contacted at home and asked to look at the video to see if he could identify one of the suspects. Upon arrival at the restaurant, the officer met with the manager, who showed him the video. Two men could be seen robbing the restaurant. The officer couldn’t get a clear look at one of the suspects, but recognized the other as living in his neighborhood. The suspect was living with his grandparents. The grandparents advised they had sent the suspect back to live with his mother.

• An officer on routine patrol responded to a package store on Bull Street after an apparent attempted robbery.

A man at the scene said he was lying on the floor in the front of a nearby supermarket when he heard a loud noise and looked up and saw three men, all dressed in black with white gloves. He said they had gone inside a fence at the back of the package store, so he called 911. While he was on the phone, the suspects came running out from the fence area, but had nothing in their hands.

A second man said he was walking down 39th Street and DeSoto when four large men dressed in dark clothing came running. They had what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun.

A second police unit located a possible suspect and took him to the package store. The first witness identified him as one of the men who ran away, but the second said he wasn’t one of the people he saw.

Because of the conflicting reports, the officer was unable to tie the suspect to the burglary attempt. However, after another officer ran the man’s name through dispatch, he came back with a warrant for failure to pay child support and was arrested.

• A Fernwood Drive boarding house was broken into, but the suspect or suspects could go no further in the building than one room.

The owner called police after discovering one of the bedroom windows had been entered. She said the previous occupant of the room had moved out the day before. A screwdriver that had been left in the window to secure it was found on the ground outside. The woman said she found the windows closed, but unlocked. The pillows had been thrown on the floor and a soda can was left on top of a small refrigerator inside the room.

She said the suspect could go no farther into the building because of a deadbolt lock on the door. She said nothing was stolen from the room and the other tenants weren’t home at the time of the break-in.

• A woman advised police through a sign-language interpreter that her mother stole a check from her checkbook and used it to take $450 out of her account.

The victim said her mother signed her name and deposited the check in her account so she could pay for rent. She said that on two different occasions, her mother had taken money from her checking account. She was advised on warrant procedures.


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