Man arrested for Heroin, Oxy, crack sales at house on Southside


On Feb. 3, "Chatham County Sheriff’s deputies were notified by an anonymous caller that Malik Hawkins who was wanted on a felony probation warrant was at 2108 Causton Bluff Rd.," says a spokesman for the Sheriff's Dept.

"Deputies traveled to this location and made contact with Hawkins and placed him under arrest. While making the arrest deputies detected a strong odor of marijuana and also observed a large amount of U.S. currency in Hawkins pants pocket," the Dept. says.

"Hawkins was transported to the jail and his residence was secured and a search warrant was applied for. Once the warrant was signed by a judge a search of the residence was conducted. Deputy’s located scales, Crack Cocaine, Heroin and Oxycodone."

Hawkins is charged with trafficking in heroin, possession/intent to distribute Oxycodone, possession/intent to distribute crack, and probation violation. 


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